As with most years, the fortune of the Dog rises and falls depending on who they’re close to. In the metal Rat year, you may have experienced difficulty with interpersonal connections as you learned which connections are worth your time. While the metal Rat strengthened your discernment, it might have come at a cost. In the metal Ox year, this hard work has a better chance of paying off for you. Yet, regaining the kinds of stability you desire will not come from expanding your associations or pursuing new opportunities. Save those ideas for the Tiger year in 2022.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

This year, you’re invited to fortify yourself by returning to and relying upon what’s tried and true. Old friends and family connections are particularly potent this year, reflecting strong karmic support. While family dynamics can always present a mixed bag, there is a level of sustenance there that you can take for granted. It is this unquestioned loyalty and concern for protection where you overlap with the metal Ox. Follow what is familiar. If you have an Ox as a friend, lucky you. Stay close.

This approach will be vital in the spring and summer seasons. The third and fourth moons can be particularly challenging for you this year and will reveal where your safe harbors are. Comes the fifth moon, anxieties lessen considerably and opportunities are more easily trusted. It could get bumpy through the autumn but, with determination, you’ll still have enough momentum to ride into a celebratory winter.


The 2020 metal Rat year was likely not kind to your love life. The tendency for relentless critique could have brought tension to even the most secure relationship. So, whether you are committed or single this year, the opportunity is the same: recovery.

If you’re in a partnership, the grounded and accommodating nature of the metal Ox could make for a solid place of recuperation. Last year’s process of editing can now reveal the central core of your shared values, a foundation that you can enjoy and build upon. It’s best not to take anything for granted—particularly through the spring and early summer. Be on your best behavior with each other and be proactive in reaffirming the primacy of the relationship. In favorable conditions, it is an excellent year to add on or start a family. The connection between children and grandparents will be strong this year. Facilitating multigenerational relationships can bring strong calibrations and harmony to every member of the family. Ox children are naturally supportive and often become third parents in the household.

To be single in the metal Ox year shows promise but it may operate more like a trip down memory lane. The door is largely closed on brand new relationships, but old connections have a habit of being revisited. Moving slowly is best. Allow any courtship to be a slow simmer and the process will knit a strong weave of both emotional and material compatibility. Stay close to home and take no major action until the Tiger year.  

Family & Friends

  You generally show great loyalty in your social connections. The metal Ox year will reward you for your allegiance. Yet, the kinds of severe edits you’ve had to endure in your social life in 2020 will not immediately improve as we turn to the metal Ox year. The seasonal process of leaving your winter cocoon should be a slow and deliberate one. The spring festival on the first moon of the year is a time for intentionally renewing relationships. It would be best for you to take these steps with particular care.

Each bond you rejuvenate in the first moon is going to serve as a brick in the foundation for the rest of your social year. Can you take these people for granted? Do they have your back? Answering these questions will go a long way toward determining the stability of your social atmosphere with the metal Ox.

So, there could be some refinement and discernment still in store for you, particularly in the spring and early summer. The process of knowing where you belong may be a bit overwhelming at times so, hopefully, you have at least one anchor. If so, embrace and follow these fellowships without reservation. Build a personal sense of fortitude. In the mid- to late summer, you catch your breath and be breezy with others—just don’t get too attached to any new folks you meet. Friends of friends might be okay but, without a backstory to tie you to someone, casual links won’t stick.


  With the metal Ox, it is favorable for you to recommit to your chosen vocation. But it’s best to watch out for the weight of heavy responsibility. Even if you keep your work ambitions to a minimum in the metal Ox year, you may advance without trying! This could be a good year for you professionally. It’s your unwavering dedication to your vocation that makes the biggest impact on you. Character speaks volumes. Dogs aren’t nearly the kind of perfectionist as the Rooster. However, Dogs do delight in a job well done. Aside from family, it is in the culture and environment of your workplace that you find your identity this year. This level of integrity and commitment puts you near the front of the pack. As your reputation builds, get ready to be busy!

Yet, all this potential enthusiasm holds a dark side for you as well. Self-sacrifice could be an issue for you this year. Ox Qi is tireless and the metal Ox never backs down from a struggle. Don’t try to keep up. As much as you really want to show solidarity with the dignified resolve of the metal Ox, you need to know your limits or your health will suffer. Being overly ambitious, your heart will write a check your shoulders can’t carry. Keep calm and carry on through the spring. Your high spirits will find a rebound midsummer. Just do your best to keep your work life smooth and even. Keep regular hours. No overtime.  


In the metal Ox year, accumulation of wealth will not be as meaningful for you as to how you decide to use resources. As long as you don’t make any major transitions in your work life, your income is likely to remain steady enough. Increasing your rate of savings is definitely favorable this year. Yet, your frugality is less about hoarding resources and more about reflecting your commitment to a certain quality of life.

You will be easily influenced by the cultural expectations that come with your stage of maturity. So, durable goods and property are favorable investments. If warranted, consider repairs and remodels to increase longevity. Be sure to buy only those models that have a proven track record. The latest technological innovation is likely to fall flat this year. If it ain’t broke, there’s a need to fix it.

You may also benefit from adopting a healthy dose of fiscal realism. This is the year to let go of impractical fantasies and allow your material resources to support the everyday intangibles of togetherness. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating off fine china or paper plates—as long as you have the ability to dine as a family. Caring for your tribe this year builds an invaluable network for you. Investing in the longevity of your clan will shield you from the kinds of financial difficulties that could come with the seventh and eighth moons. Take the chance to be charitable because, this year, you’re likely to get what you give.