Snake natives are natural friends with those born under the sign of the Rooster, so this year is a true gift to you. The dreams you have are within reach, and doors begin to open without a lot of effort.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The main issues for you this year may be making up your mind about what you want to pursue, and what you can realistically expect to achieve. Your natural intensity and passion come in handy as you're tested to become all you can. Good thing you hate to fail!

Partnering with Ox and Rooster natives adds even more fuel to reach your goals, and makes it a win-win situation better for all involved.


Though your sign is naturally sexy and magnetic, you can also be a little shy, and worry about rejection in love.

During the Year of the Rooster, and especially around the Solar Eclipse of August 21st, you begin to throw off some of that fear so you can let your inner god or goddess shine.

Who knew you were so desirable under all that? Well, almost everyone around you, that's who! Don't be surprised if you're facing the enviable problem of having to decide who to date, or how to make your relationship with an existing partner even better. Lucky you!

Family & Friends

You're probably known as the deep one in your social group, always wanting to talk about the issues of the day, or joining clubs to advance your beliefs. This year, however, you're sharing your wisdom in a new way.

You may find that volunteering or mentoring can become a valuable social experience that also gives back to those less fortunate.

Though you can sometimes go solo with no problem, try to push beyond perceived boundaries to make some good pals this year. Some may stick around to become close friends over time, or lead you to exciting new prospects in love and work, too.


Snake natives are one of the most fortunate signs when it comes to work and money. You naturally rise in any situation you're placed in, and usually make money that reflects your skills.

This year, you're asked to use the foundation you've established for yourself at work, and build from there. If you have your heart set on a corner office, go after it! If you want more pay, make your case with a higher-up and show them what you can do!

Your natural tendency to overdo things comes in handy now, since it doesn't pay to hold back about your accomplishments.


Many Snakes learn to depend on themselves early in life, and therefore have great money skills to rely on later. Your sign possesses huge determination to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

This year, as the Rooster energy takes hold, you'll have all kinds of extra help to achieve your financial dreams. If you want to be debt free, making a concrete plan is your best bet.

The Lunar Eclipse of February 10th helps you to stick to any plan you make, and cut up credit cards you don't need anymore. Adding additional income streams is a Snake specialty.