As a Rooster native, you know your own skills and talents - your energy, communication skills and free-thinking manner. But in the Year of the Rooster, you're even luckier than usual.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The projects and ideas you espouse gain traction throughout the year, but especially around the Lunar Eclipse of February 10th. Your sign loves to be right, but so much is going your way this year that you don't really have to worry about being wrong.

The big challenge of this year will be convincing other people to invest in you. From love to money, jobs, and more, it's all about marketing yourself now.


Normally, Roosters get along best with Ox, Snake, and Dragon natives. But during the Year of the Rooster, you'll find yourself branching out in all kinds of interesting ways.

Those searching for love can find success by meeting new people through friends and groups. Dress your best for the next social function, because you never know who will be there!

Being busy is no excuse. It's important to make time for your special someone, or you may find things fizzling, no matter how long you've been together. Let yourself be a little vulnerable. You may be surprised by how impressed your partner is.

Family & Friends

Normally, Roosters are the most outspoken and opinionated of their friends, but few have a problem with that. You tend to attract people who are just as opinionated, or look to you for information about news and current events.

This year, your social life takes a turn for the better as your normally busy life explodes with invitations and events. Better get a new calendar, or get used to double booking!

New friends come in from various areas, including your workplace and personal hobbies. The challenge lies in finding some "me" time in all this - not a bad problem to have.


Your sign of the Rooster is a great "idea" sign, capable of amazing thoughts that can be made into incredible things. From cutting edge inventions to solutions to everyday problems, you've got the goods.

What you need, especially this year, is a partner or workplace that supports your ideas with concrete support. If you need to find a supportive workplace, this is the year to make a big change. Don't wait, since you have so much powerful energy on your side now.

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7th provides a wonderful time to search for a new position. Don't forget to use your large social network.


Though you're usually happy to share your opinions, you're not about to leave something as important as your money to chance. During the Year of the Rooster, it's more important than ever to protect your hard-earned cash.

Making an appointment with a financial advisor pays dividends around the Solar Eclipse of February 26th. When you put your personalized plan into place, you can rest assured that money for your future, purchasing a home, or simply for emergencies will always be at your fingertips.

Don't try to go it alone this year, even if you're trying to find ways to bring in more money each month. People need help sometimes.