Your sign of the Rat is always self-possessed and, during the Year of the Rooster, you're even more focused on your goals than ever.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

You know that shrinking violets don't get stuff done, so this year you're going for it in a big way! Whatever your hopes and dreams are, you're not afraid to push them forward.

Your hard-working ways may need a break from time to time, however, allowing you to party just as hard. Rather than separate your working and personal lives, Rat natives find the greatest success when both are combined. Use your powerful sense of loyalty so that everyone wins during the time of the Rooster.


Rats and Roosters aren't always the best of friends, so you may find yourself at odds in your romantic life this year. You know that your native charm and elegance always has a way with your special someone, but you're extra magnetic around the Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

Your innate perfectionism may not be for everyone this year, but you know who you are and what you're looking for in love.

Try not to gossip about your friends and acquaintances. Chances are, someone you know may know them as well, and you'd hate to be caught talking behind someone's back.

Family & Friends

The Year of the Rooster brings more of a blending of your work and personal lives.

Work friends may prove to be your best companions after a hard day at the office, and may even be able to introduce you to a hot new dating prospect if you're single. These wingmen and wingwomen are a natural balance to your already large social group.

Just don't forget your older friends - they miss you, too! Having people over for dinner or an impromptu gathering lets them know you care. You love to play the host, sharing stories and showing your generosity with plenty of food and drink.


Your sign of the Rat is known for its intense ambition. During the Year of the Rooster, you have a solid plan for enacting these desires, and bringing them to completion.

Though the Rooster can be a little timid, despite its bravado, you can get a lot done this year. Try not to buy into jobs or titles that don't really do anything to advance your agenda. Instead, this year is about identifying the people who are on your side, and working your relationships to advance through the ranks.

A promotion may be given or at least in the works around the Lunar Eclipse of February 10th.


The Rat is notoriously good with money, finding ways to earn and save so they can ensure their security.

As your Year of the Rooster kicks off, however, you may find that your financial life takes a little bit of a hit. Sometimes, you can invest a little recklessly. Make corrections by balancing the amount of what you bring in with what you must pay out in bills, and what you want to save for the future.

No sense denying yourself everything now for a more comfortable future, though. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, and you'll find yourself encouraged to reach further and further.