Though you share a love of thinking and problem solving with the sign of the Rooster, during this year you may find yourself pushed beyond your comfort zone in a few areas. You prefer to be a little more reserved, especially when it comes to love, and letting other more outgoing signs approach you.

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But during the Year of the Rooster, you may find that you need to be a little more obvious. How is your partner (or future mate) supposed to know how important they are to you otherwise? You'll find it fun to play with being a little more outrageous and playful.


In love and romance, your sign of the Rabbit likes to play it a little cool. You can be a bit shy, and need others to break the ice, especially if you're just getting to know them.

This year, however, you're a tad more outgoing than usual. Because of it, you meet a ton of new people who like to do fun things, many of them very interesting as possible dating prospects, too.

If you're already partnered, the Year of the Rooster signals a time of shaking things up a bit - in a positive way - to stay fresh and engaged with one another.

Family & Friends

At social events, you may be the one holding up the wall sometimes, but lots of people like you and want to know you better. During the Year of the Rooster, and especially around the Lunar Eclipse of August 7th, you're a friend magnet.

If you want to meet new people, look to events where you have a shared interest. If there's someone you've been thinking about reconnecting with, this is the year to show them you care.

Friendships new and old make your life fuller and happier for the time you spend together. Don't be afraid to take new chances if it means connecting with new pals.


Rabbit natives are some of the most organized and best at business, and this year is no different.

During the Year of the Rooster, you're a powerhouse, commanding attention at work, and even branching out into your own business if you have an entrepreneurial mind.

Ask for a raise, promotion or additional perks around the Solar Eclipse of August 21st. You can make a solid case for why you deserve additional benefits, and convince nearly anyone to do what you need now. Even your co-workers have your back, and want to see you succeed. Share the wealth when you're in charge.


Since you're so clever at business, your sign of the Rabbit tends to be great with money, too. This year, it's important to be your usual conservative self when it comes to saving and investing money.

Of course, it's fun to have an amazing new toy when you want one. But ensuring your future comfort is something you can really get behind.

Saving to buy property, or a new home, also figures into your plans in the fall months and later in 2017 into 2018, as you consolidate all your wonderful planning. You have a real gift when it comes to finding the right place at the right time, and the right price.