Pig natives tend to get along best with Rabbits and Goat, who share their sense of reliability and manners. But during the Year of the Rooster, you may find that your patience is sometimes tested with people at work, in your home, and in love... people who just don't seem to get it.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

What's important to you isn't likely to change. You've been this way for a long time. Rather than struggling with who should change, try to find people who return your courteous and respectful ways.

Your friendships will change this year, as well as your priorities. You're no longer able to take mild or overt abuse in your relationships.


When it comes to love, Pig natives have got it going on. You're sweet, chivalrous, and polite when you first meet someone new, and it usually comes right back to you.

This year, trouble in an existing relationship may have you wondering if it might be better to take a break. Around the Solar Eclipse of August 21st, you begin to see some of the cracks in the foundation of what you have. Rather than freaking out, try to build trust and communication.

Single Pigs prefer fewer great friends and dating partners, but you may find someone who surprises you, and asks you to go deeper. Leave your inhibitions behind.

Family & Friends

Others have learned to rely on you when it comes to friendships. This year, however, you may have to find out who's really loyal to you when the shoe is on the other foot.

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7th may reveal something you may not want to admit about a close friend. But when you're both willing to talk it out, you could find that it's just a misunderstanding.

If you're in the market for some new buddies to hang out with, try group outings organized around common interests. You could find that someone special comes along who's the perfect pal.


You have a fierce inner strength as a Pig native that sometimes scares or intimidates people. You're a sweetheart inside, of course, but your innate tenacity isn't for the faint of heart. It comes in handy at work this year, however, as you push through projects you really want to succeed.

Ditto for the promotion you've been due for around two years now. Put that strength to work as you choose the perfect time to prove your value, and advance your position. Ask for more than you think you can get. You may find yourself happily surprised by the outcome.


The great thing about your sign is its quest for knowledge. This is super great during the Year of the Rooster because you can build your wealth through research and talking to experts.

When it comes to saving and investing for the future, you may not know everything yet, but you're sure going to find out! This puts you in good stead by the fall months of the year.

Every time a new statement comes in, you smile to yourself as you see all your hard work paying off. You win the financial game through your trademark attrition and fortitude. Take time to celebrate your successes.