Monkey natives are some of the most interesting in the Zodiac. They think and act in a way that may not make sense for everyone. But during the Year of the Rooster, your sign may find a new way to invent the wheel.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

Your mind is so creative now, you can move past the normal stumbling blocks in love, money, work, and family life. It's a busy year filled with fun, excitement, and adventure.

Despite the occasional obstacle, you find it easy to pick yourself up and find an even better solution to whatever you're facing. Let your curiosity be your guide.


When it comes to love, Monkeys can sometimes have trouble settling down. They spring from partner to partner, trying to make up their minds. Sure, you may think the grass is always greener somewhere else. But this year, you're thinking seriously about forming a bond with someone special.

Whether you're already attached or seeking new love in your life, commitment is in the air around the Lunar Eclipse of August 7th, when you may decide to make a big leap together. Try not to think of it as scary, but more like an exciting adventure. Sharing your heart is a big step for you. Single? Be on the lookout for someone special around this time.

Family & Friends

You've got a ton of friends you love to hang with, but during the Year of the Rooster, you're making even more pals, attending more events, and having some amazing experiences.

The key lies in understanding what you need from a friendship. For you, it's someone who's exciting, engaged, and loves all the interesting topics you're fond of talking about.

Competitive people around you may need to be weeded out so you can get together with those who fully support you, warts and all. While you may seem erratic to some, you have your own plan, and are already making it happen.


It may be hard for you to concentrate on work that's boring or repetitive, so if you've been meaning to change jobs, this is your year. The Rooster energy has plenty of get up and go to make it happen.

Not like you need energy or anything, but it may be helpful to rely on a few colleagues to help shape your ideas. A little structure never hurt anyone. Together, you work miracles, and gain the attention of a larger audience within, and even outside, your company.

Try not to get too discouraged if it doesn't happen quickly. Long-term planning becomes an important part of this year.


Those born under the sign of the Monkey often don't have time for boring things like financial planning, often to their detriment. If you've been lax about saving or investing for your future, the Year of the Rooster is the time to get expert advice, read articles and decide how you'll manage your cash going forward.

Your money enjoys a boost around the Solar Eclipse of February 26th. Building on that with all your powerful ideas comes naturally. Enlist the help of someone to help you organize everything, and keep it growing. Your future will be much more comfortable as a result.