Your sign of the Goat doesn't usually get along with the Rooster. You prefer natural elegance and creativity, while the Rooster can be a little showy for you.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

So during the Year of the Rooster, you may be pushed far past your comfort zone when it comes to standing out. From love to work and family matters, you're being prepared for a bigger starring role in your own life. Despite your inner shyness, friends and acquaintances urge you to let your inner qualities shine.

This is actually all good. It's a year of building upon what you've already established for yourself, so you can attain your highest goals and dreams.


When it comes to romance, Goat natives prefer their partners to take the leading role. Some of this is just a more passive nature, but part of it is wanting things to be a little more traditional.

This year, if you're coupled up, you're building on an existing relationship, making important new life steps together, and deepening your commitment.

For those looking for new love, the Solar Eclipse of February 26th acts like a spotlight, shining on new dating prospects that can connect with you in a new and exciting way. You can also find shared interests and fun companionship. Look to friends to introduce you to fellow singletons.

Family & Friends

You can be a little reserved when it comes to your social life, preferring to hang out with a select few close friends, rather than a huge crowd of people you don't know well.

During the Year of the Rooster, however, you're urged to try new things, hang out in new groups and even form new alliances with people you might not have thought twice about before.

People are drawn to your genuine and compassionate manner, and may turn to you for advice during the year when things get weird for them. Your words can bring others great comfort now as well.


Goat natives know how to quietly get any job done that they set their minds to. But this year, the Rooster energy may create some tension between the way you normally get things done, and how your boss may prefer to change things up.

Rather than freaking out, try to see how you can creatively get your work done, while stretching yourself a little, too.

Those seeking to move up the ladder should look to the Solar Eclipse of August 21st and the weeks after to make their case. You have what it takes as long as you're willing to roll with the tides of change on the job front.


Your arty nature can sometimes be at odds with your financial life. Sure, you prefer creature comforts, travel, fun nights out with friends, and more. But saving for your future is also important.

The Year of the Rooster establishes a balance between what you want and your careful financial planning. New money streams are possible by combining the work you do on the side with a new web site or other means to sell these goods and services online.

Passive cash like this bolsters your bottom line nicely throughout the year, and creates a feeling of well-being when you don't have to wonder how you pay for the rent.