Dynamic Dragons have a lot in store this year, as the Year of the Rooster gets underway. You're naturally energetic, but may find that you have even more fuel to achieve your dreams now.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The challenge lies in maintaining your health and well-being, particularly around the Solar Eclipse of August 21st. Try not to burn out, because your skills and talents are needed in the world!

Use your flamboyant energy to bring groups together, from finding consensus at work to cementing your love in a new relationship. The sky's the limit for your sign! What you set your mind to, you can achieve this year.


When it comes to love, your sign of the Dragon loves flashy gestures and bold proclamations. This year, you're excited to try something new with someone who may be a friend for now, moving this into the realm of the romantic. How fun!

The Solar Eclipse of February 26th gives you plenty of support to say what's on your mind. Just don't overwhelm your partner with everything you have planned. They may have a few ideas for themselves, too.

Work on being more open and intimate, especially when it comes to communication. You can say what's in your thoughts, and in your heart, without bowling people over.

Family & Friends

It's a super social time for you during the Year of the Rooster. So many have come to trust your innate wisdom about almost everything, to the extent that you may find your texts, email, and phone blowing up on a daily basis.

The Lunar Eclipse of February 10th brings in a whole new group of potential buddies to share similar tastes and interests, so why not make some plans together?

Dragons can have their little quirks, but no one loves you like your close friends. Reconnect with all the ones that mean the most to you during the summer months, when you all have time to travel.


During the Year of the Rooster, your health plays a big part in your working life. You may normally be a morning person, and find your energy flagging in the afternoon. Small changes in diet can give you the energy you need to make a big impression this year.

Getting your ducks in a row early in the year, around January to February, puts you in good stead to achieve your goals in your working life, from advancing up the ladder to establishing your own client base.

Visualizing your success is the first step to attaining your dreams. Your Dragon instincts are almost always right!


When it comes to cash flow, things haven't always been the way you wanted them. But during the Year of the Rooster, Dragon natives are freer than ever to bring in more money.

Though you can have some unusual ideas, some of them may be worth a lot. Seeing if you can set up a new business is highlighted around the Lunar Eclipse of August 7th, when you have support to make it happen.

The best news is that you inspire other people to have confidence in you, so you're a natural salesperson. This year, you're selling yourself as much as your skill set.