May 2021 - Goat native, the month of May brings a lot of people in your life telling you what to do. And while you generally like to work with others, you could feel like you're being ordered around.

The water Snake month begins on May 5, and a particular friend could be trying your patience. You’re known for your gentle, compassionate nature, but if you're pushed too far, you could butt this person off your mountain.

The new moon is on the eleventh, and there’s a strong relationship opportunity with someone who has lots of financial resources. This could be a mentor or a person you can collaborate with on a business project. At first, this might not seem like it's going to come together, but everything will fall into place over the course of the next few weeks.

The lunar eclipse is on May 26, and now the focus is on your own finances. Some increased expenses may have left you short recently. It's time to look at where you can cut back on expenses or bring in extra money. By asking the right questions, you'll be able to uncover opportunities so your financial picture improves.

Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

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