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What's the Highlight of Your New Year?

How should you change your priorities for the year ahead? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. Which is closest to your number one resolution?
 a. Start a new workout routine.
 b. Get a new job.
 c. Find love.
 d. Be kinder to myself and others.
2. Which horoscope would you read first?
 a. Sun Sign horoscope.
 b. Wellness horoscope.
 c. Love horoscope.
 d. Career horoscope.
3. What are you doing (or did you do) for New Year´s Eve?
 a. Look for a New Year´s Eve kiss.
 b. Have an early night so you can work out early on the 1st.
 c. Call my friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year.
 d. Formulate a get-ahead plan for the New Year.

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Planetary Index: 4/5
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