Leos are the most boastful about romance...

Leos are the most boastful about romance...

In love, Leo can be proud as a peacock. You're confident about the way you look, and enjoy all the effort you put into your appearance because you are so happy and want to delight your mate.

You're also proud of that special someone on your arm, too. So being with you is like getting a great compliment.

Trouble can arise if you become too prideful, though. Others can feel alienated, jealous, or even downright depressed seeing you beam with your luck in love.

Also, being too prideful can lead you to refuse to accept responsibility for relationship tiffs. You get lost in your bliss. After all, you're only human so we all make errors sometimes. If you find that you've made a mistake with your honey, a quick apology gets you back on track on quickly.

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