Tappin' into the luck you were born with as a Scorpio...

Tappin' into the luck you were born with as a Scorpio...

Is one of you important days in your life approaching and you want to pull out all the stops?

Or, you simply might have a hot date, a job interview, might be about to buy a lottery ticket, getting your Natal Chart done or probably getting a tarot card reading?

But, even if you're not doing any of these things, you probably want to be at your luckiest self. Here's a reminder of your keywords:

I desire Say it as much as you can, verbalizing your deepest wishes might actually help make them come true.

Tuesday is your day! Because it's the day ruled by Mars, one of your ruling planets.

• Lucky numbers 2 and 4 align with your wisdom and dedicated nature.

• Your Tarot Card is Death. Don't freak if you get this card, it's message is not only positive, it's the card that describes you better as the ruling sign of transformation.

• Your colors are those ones of passion: Crimson, Burgundy, Deep Red, Maroon.

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