You are the best friend ever, Scorpio!

You are the best friend ever, Scorpio!

There are just so many reasons why your friends are lucky to have you as part of their lives. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, you are known for being the most loyal, dear Scorpio!

You might take a bit to open up, but that's just because you need to assess people first so you can protect yourself.

Once you open your arms to someone, you will always be there for them, help them, protect them, and watch their back as if it was yours.

You're not only an interesting person but also very smart and resourceful. Something that differentiates your from other signs is that you actually make an effort to pay back the favors and help you receive from others.

That's very unique, Scorpio, and even if you think people don't notice it at all or right away, you are doing the right thing!

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