You too attract more bees with honey, Scorpio!

Posted by Lola Stinger
You too attract more bees with honey, Scorpio!

Let's be honest, Scorpio, if you're in a committed relationship, you might be the one "wearing the pants in the relationship".

You like having control of your surroundings, and you probably have picked a mate who either enjoys being under your thumb, or doesn't really care at all.

When you feel like you're losing some of this control, you might turn to your dark bag of tricks and bluntly manipulate your mate into doing whatever it is that you want.

But, is this the relationship you really want to have, Scorpio? When it comes to love, real love, your softer side will always win you more.

Seek the light and in that cutely magnetic way of yours, show your sweetie the way you feel. As a Scorpio, you are way more powerful - and attractive - when you're out of the shadow.

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