When someone needs a boost, you're their go-to!

Posted by Connor Ramsey
When someone needs a boost, you're their go-to!

Your sign of Aries gets much of its courage from ruling planet Mars. You may sometimes experience fear, but most people will never know it. You're good at masking what you're trying to conquer.

And sometimes Mars fuels you with so much get-go, you don't realize you're only human until after you've succeeded - and need some much-deserved rest!

Other people may not know how to get that same amount of courage you carry so effortlessly. They want to be around you because you encourage them to be better, and less afraid of the world.

You can't help it if you're naturally magnetic. It's just the way you're put together, and the way you walk through the world. Make sure you encourage others who could use a little of that Mars magnetism!

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