You may be doing something that irks your associates...

You may be doing something that irks your associates...

Your sign of Aries loves to lead so much, they're usually found way ahead of the pack. But it's tough to get any helpful information about work and money if you're not listening to anyone around you.

One of Aries' biggest challenges revolves around active listening. Do you secretly pretend to listen until it's your turn to speak? Or do you just wait for a pause and interrupt with your own thoughts? Or maybe you don't even wait for the pause.

We know you have a lot of important things to add to a conversation, but remember that it's not one-sided. You can actually learn a lot if you stay moot!

Showing the other person you're actively engaged, by leaning forward, nodding your head or encouraging them to explain, helps you grow as a person and co-worker. This goes double if you're in a position of leadership or want to start your own business. Instead of concocting your next witty remark, really allow the other speaker to shine!

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