Luck is coming to get you in 2017, Scorpio!

Luck is coming to get you in 2017, Scorpio!

I just found out what’s in store for our sign. This year is going to be one to remember for us Scorpios. No, you should not believe it until you see it. You must believe it now to start manifesting it. Yes, really! Read on and get mega-excited:

• Jupiter, the star of gifts and good luck, is currently touring Libra, meaning that in 2017 it will enter OUR sign. What is your biggest dream in life, Scorpio? NOW is the moment to walk towards it so by the time Jupiter is giving you a boost, you are ready to roll!
• Pluto, our modern ruler, will keep us focused, intense and energized. All that is great, just make sure to pay attention to the signals around you, because the cosmos will be sending you lots of them.
Love is stunning in 2017. If you have a partner, your sensitivity towards them will deepen. If you are single, your love life will be on fire and almost non-stop!
Career and money? Scorpios will get rewards this year, but they won’t come instantly. Hard work will be necessary. Start by creating a bold and ambitious plan at the beginning of the year, when the cosmos will be supporting us. Then, go out and DO IT!

Read the whole forecast here.

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