These 5 gifts are must-haves for Virgos...

These 5 gifts are must-haves for Virgos...

Virgos can be picky... but that's not a bad thing! It's good to have good taste, after all. But they can be a bit hard to shop for because you'd hate to get them something that misses the mark. (They look at everything with a discerning gaze.) But I'm one of those discerning Virgos and am helping you out. Here are five things Virgos will treasure...

Virgo symbol sterling silver adjustable ring ($8.99)
This delicate sign symbol ring shows of Virgo pride in their trademark understated, refined style. Buy it on Amazon.

Glass Succulent Design Trio ($49.99)
Virgo will adore every single meticulously-packaged succulent inside this trio of teardrop-shaped terrariums to adorn their perfect indoor space. Plants are included! Buy it on Fab.

Vegan, Natural Makeup by tarte ($10 and up)
tarte is a Virgo's go-to brand for makeup and cosmetics: high quality and many products are vegan! Tarte pays attention to all the details that make a great, natural beauty product. Shop vegan products by tarte.

DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy ($9.97)
Virgos can keep everything neat and organized on their desks with this top-rated desk supplies caddy, which comes in black or silver. Buy it from Amazon.

Listography Journal: Your Life in Lists ($16.95 or less on sale)
For the ultra-organized Virgo who loves making lists, this journal is the perfect gift that they will appreciate daily (or, as often as they have time to write in it). Buy it on Amazon.

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