5 gifts every Taurus wants to receive...

5 gifts every Taurus wants to receive...

Taurus loves gifts - both giving and receiving - probably more than any other sign. They have impeccable taste and take their time to find the perfect thing for everyone on their list... so they deserve the same in return, right? YES. Here are my top picks for what to give a Taurus (and I shopped around for the best place to buy them)...

The Art of Shaving Mid-Size Kit, Sandalwood ($50)
Your determined Taurus man likes to hold his head high to meet every challenge, but also to proudly show off that stunning face of his. Steady and patient, he will appreciate the perfect shave this kit gives. Buy it from Amazon.

Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette ($45)
This is basically Taurus in makeup form... Natural, understated, high quality, gorgeous packaging, and conscientious. Buy it from tarte.

CLIC Wooden iPhone 6 /6S Case ($39.99)
Your Taurus is unique and their phone case should be, too. Available in three different colors, each case is built from its own unique wood grain. Tres chic! Buy it from Fab.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Wine Glass ($14.97)
Taurus loves fine dining and will adore this wine glass for enjoying their favorite red, white, or rose after a hard day's work. Buy it from Amazon.

Four Varietal Honey Sampler Gift Pack ($25)
This isn't just honey... it's raw, pure, and has quite the backstory. The Carmel Honey Company was founded by an 11-year-old (now 13) who wants to help the environment. So, not only does your Taurus get a sweet treat - part of the sale goes toward charity, too. Buy it from Carmel Honey Company.

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