Awakening Scorpio’s inner goddess

Awakening Scorpio’s inner goddess

I have been very interested in Hindu mythology lately. What fascinates me the most is the number of goddesses there are. We can all channel our inner goddess with their help, especially those that resonate with our sign. To call on their presence, put their image up in your room and research and chant their associated mantras.

To transform your life - If you feel stuck and unhappy with your current situation, call on Kali. As the goddess of death and destruction, she will help you conquer your fears so you can put them in the past and be reborn again.

To find your true love - Parvati is the goddess of love and devotion. As the feminine force in Hindu mythology, she will infuse you with her loving and heavenly magic.

If you need to be inspired - Saraswati is your goddess. As the divine ruler of the arts and all beautiful things, she will walk with you along the creative path, lending you her wisdom.

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