Are Virgos guilty of having a very evil side?

Are Virgos guilty of having a very evil side?

Virgo is sweet and pure, right? Maybe not. We all have a dark side, after all. But are you downright evil sometimes? Let’s see how many evil Virgo tendencies you have...

- Do you immediately assume the worst about others, and make them jump through hoops to prove their worthiness to you?
- Do you look at people up and down, harshly criticizing their appearance... in your head (bad) or out loud (EVIL!)?
- Do you tell on co-workers who slip up, then feel good when they are reprimanded?
- Do you say bad things about others, hoping to turn others against them?

Not to be modest, but I do NOT do these things... often. I have a Virgo frenemy who does, though! What about you?

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