How to make it work with Gemini’s worst sign mismatch

How to make it work with Gemini’s worst sign mismatch

You can’t help who you fall for, and sometimes the most appealing person is your worst zodiac match. But don’t worry – I have tips for how to make love happy and healthy with our worst match: Virgo!

You'll need to...
- Let them structure your time together to a certain degree. Let them make plans, and try not to be too non-committal about when you'll see each other and what you'll do. Virgos need to know the next step.
- Be mindful of their OCD-ish tendencies and learn to appreciate them. After all, you have annoying habits too. We ALL do!
- Don’t take their criticisms and negative comments too personally. A Virgo is very analytical and sees little flaws others might miss... just trust that they love you, warts and all. Other signs see them, too... a Virgo just can't help point them out. Sad but true.

Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? How many of you love or have loved a Virgo? Any more tips to share?

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