Leos can draw these qualities from our Tarot card

Leos can draw these qualities from our Tarot card

How often do you get Tarot readings? I am fascinated by this type of fortune telling divination, so I get them all the time. I pay special attention if I draw the card that corresponds with my sign, Strength.

With keywords like inner strength, vision and self-control, it shows a queen holding a Lion’s mouth with serenity, portraying a type of physical and moral strength that derives from charm and confidence.

When it is drawn by a Leo on a spread, it means that we are allowing our life’s struggles to make us stronger and that we are using this strength as a life force to nurture positive relationships with patience, acceptance and grace.

The flip side to this card comes out if the card is drawn in reverse, meaning we are not using our strength or qualities in positive ways, driving us to misuse of power, aggressiveness and intolerance.

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