The amazing meaning of Crab’s Tarot card

The amazing meaning of Crab’s Tarot card

Sensitive and nurturing Crabs are also some of the most driven and tenacious signs, so there’s no surprise that our Tarot card is the Chariot. Meaning material victory, success, mastery, graduation and completion, it resonates with our sign’s strongest qualities.

When Cancer natives draw this card, its powers are even stronger and we can feel reassured that our discipline, behavior and lifestyle habits are in line with the spiritual journey our sign is meant to go through.

If this card is drawn reversed, it means that we have either lost our focus, our self-control, or that we are trying to control a certain situation with the wrong grip. It can also mean that we are pushing ourselves too hard to obtain something, to the point of driving ourselves crazy. Sound familiar, Crab?

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