Virgo’s Tarot card is one you never saw coming...

Posted by Tristan Styles
Virgo’s Tarot card is one you never saw coming...

You didn’t see it because it’s hidden from public view. OK, enough with the jokes. Virgo’s card is the Hermit! Does this mean Virgos aren’t social? Not really. Here’s the full meaning of your Tarot card...

In a nutshell, the Hermit (and thus your sign of Virgo) represents awakening, enlightening, shedding light, the "key" to a situation, and can also depict a crisis or isolation (two things Virgos cope with better than other signs).

The Hermit card symbolizes meditation, reflection, and solitude. It’s a wise card, which encourages looking into the unconscious and analyzing one’s dreams. It also radiates peace and patience, helping one reach maturity and discovering your deepest spiritual self.

The Hermit is a leader, who can help decide the best path to follow, reassess goals, and come up with a solid plan. Sounds like you, right, Virgo?

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