These 5 things indicate you need a change, Taurus...

Posted by Devin Bullock
These 5 things indicate you need a change, Taurus...

Taurus is least likely to feel stuck and restless, because we are so patient and secure with routine. But even the steadfast Bull needs to shake up their life once in a while. Here are clear signs you are ready for a change...

• Your performance never wavers. You don’t fail but you also don’t excel. You are just doing OK.
• You have a poor appetite for food and/or sex.
• You’re seeking escape from something often, whether that’s through drinking/drugs or actual travel or being lost in daydreams.
• Your technology is so out of date, it makes it hard to communicate with friends... or they actually tease you about it.
• You don’t even need an alarm because you naturally sleep and wake at the same time every day. While this is good, it’s a bit robotic.

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