Ways Capricorns can get unstuck when they feel idle...

Ways Capricorns can get unstuck when they feel idle...

Capricorns always want more, so when they check off one goal, they need to have another lined up or they will feel unproductive, lost, and useless. But boredom and slow phases are a natural part of life, so you can’t always be going, going, going. Here are some things that help me when I feel stuck.

- Treats. Set little goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. From cleaning up your messy desk to planting new things in your garden to helping out a friend, you can find things to do. And, to make it more fun, decide on a reward before its achieved. My go-to: a nice meal out, even if that’s just eating my pre-packed lunch in a park.
- Meditate, nap, or just sit and observe. It’s good to appreciate downtime and let our bodies and minds recharge.
- Travel. Whether it’s taking new routes to must-go destinations, trying a new hiking trail, or taking a long weekend hundreds of miles away, a change of scenery can help you feel re-energized.

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