Signs a Virgo is about to snap on you...

Signs a Virgo is about to snap on you...

Virgos, unlike Geminis, probably won’t tell you when you’ve pushed their buttons. Virgos are too mature and polite. But these body language cues tell you when a Virgo is irked...

- Showing up to meet you looking too casual for the occasion. This means they aren’t wanting to impress you, and may even want to embarrass you.
- They ask no follow-up questions/don’t ask you to elaborate. This means they are bored, put off, or just plain disinterested in talking to you, period.
- The death stare. If they are truly angry at you, their eyes give their rage away.
- Waving you away. Dismissing you with their hand gestures is a clear sign that they want you gone, even if they play it off as a joke.

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