Tips for single Aries longing for love...

Tips for single Aries longing for love...

You have no problem making the first move. The problem is finding the right person to make that move on! You want to meet someone whose brains, physicality, and interests match yours. Tall order, but you are sure to meet at least a few good candidates eventually!

Try auto shows (you know you love to drive fast), electronics shows (you'll be happy to answer any questions), bookstores (yes, they still exist), lively bars and nightclubs, the nearest hiking trail on a busy day, the gym, and sporting events.

If you have a hobby, take (or teach) a how-to class, or meet fellow enthusiasts stocking up on tools and materials at flea markets or craft shops. You can find them in your community center, college, and even your library, too. Get out there and learn - you'll literally love it!

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