Geminis cannot thrive in these toxic work environments

Geminis cannot thrive in these toxic work environments

Whether you’re unhappy in your current job or looking for work, Geminis have some pretty specific needs in a workplace for their happiness. You should not tolerate a work environment that involves more than two of these...

1. Too-easy, too-light workloads. If you don’t have enough to do or work that keeps your mind active and inspired, it’s no good.
2. Pointless meetings. To you, communication is an art form, and should not be done in a mundane, wasteful manner.
3. Monotone everything. From a one-color office to identical work stations for all employees to the same weekly schedule, these are soul-sucking to you.
4. Boring, unmotivated colleagues who are happy to just coast along. If they act like robots, you’re outta there!

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