These are the best college majors for Libras

These are the best college majors for Libras

Libras often feel cooped up in a boring classroom, but LOVE the social aspects of college. Still, you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams if you select your perfect college major. These are meant for Libras:

1. Nursing. You’re caring and an excellent listener. You don’t have a big ego so are happy to be an RN vs. an MD... everyone knows nurses work the hardest, anyway.
2. Physics. You’re all about balance, planning, careful thought. You can do a lot with this major, leaving your options open as far as your specialty. And, it’s big bucks.
3. Law. I’m keeping this broad because what kind of law you pursue depends on your biggest human interests. But a Libra and the law go hand in hand.
4. Biochemistry. Learn how you can make a huge impact on the environment!

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