Is crazy Luna messing with your moods again?

Is crazy Luna messing with your moods again?

If you are acting up, look up which sign the Moon is in that day. Your actions might coincide with the following list.

Aries: If all you want to do is stay home, it’s better if you do, trust me!
Taurus: You might feel like you don’t belong, even with friends.
Gemini: Is someone having a party? 'Cause you’re feeling festive!
Cancer: Staying home with a good book and a glass of wine is all you want to do.
Leo: Is it time to go home? But I am having so much fun entertaining all my fans!
Virgo: You might be planning your strategy for someone who dared to mess with you.
Libra: Reading the world news was a bad idea. Now go hide in your shell.
Scorpio: Did you just give the death stare to someone? Yes, you did!
Sagittarius: What happened to you? You might not want to be home at all!
Capricorn: You finished your work in half the time. Yes!
Aquarius: You might get an anxiety attack.
Pisces: You just cried, then laughed, then got mad…. And now you are crying all over again.

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