Using your sign's secrecy to your advantage

Using your sign's secrecy to your advantage

Has anyone you barely know come out of the blue to tell you a secret? I bet they have. It happens to me all the time, and I just love it!

The reason why is that Scorpio is the sign of secrecy. Meaning we can keep secrets so well that we would take them to our tomb. But also, that we have an enormous advantage when it comes to getting other people to tell us stuff they would never tell anyone else.

Whenever someone is on the fence or almost ready to tell you something, doing what's below can help:

- "Here, I will tell you one of my secrets first".
- "I will not say anything; you can trust me".
- If they already started but seem to be holding back, nodding your head three times will help you seem interested and agreeable.
- Once they finish speaking, stroke your chin and they might tell you even more.

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