A Gemini loves you a lot if they do this...

A Gemini loves you a lot if they do this...

You might think you know the signs a Gemini shows that demonstrate they’re in love with you... they like to talk, they focus on you, the make time for you, etc. But there’s one very different, very telling thing a Gemini will do if it’s the real deal in their mind.

They stick around when things get tough. Geminis like adventure, excitement, and thrills of the positive kind. For them, life is too short to mope around. They live in the moment and when the moment gets tough, they skip off to the next thing. But if a Gemini really cares, they will stand by you even if it’s sad, hard, or depressing.

So, if that honeymoon, in-lust phase ends and they are still all about you, you’re golden. Other subtler signs related to this? They care for you when you’re sick, they want to hear all the gory details of your day from hell, and they attend dreaded events with you to support you (funerals, boring work dinners, visiting your weird relatives).

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