If a Libra does this, they’re falling in love...

If a Libra does this, they’re falling in love...

Libras hate conflict and always avoid drama... right? Not really. They are the ones who will fight hardest if it means getting something they really want. And when a Libra wants someone, aka, has a big crush, they will pick fights with that person!

I’m not talking big, hurtful fights. I mean a Libra actually ignites a bit of flirty conflict between them and their beloved because they want to test the relationship and see if it’s built to last through thick and thin.

Also, their insecure side picks fights because they tend to fall in love so easily, they would rather get the bad stuff (arguments, differences, annoyances) out of the way right away. Once they settle into a nice commitment, that when they become the peace-loving, drama-afraid constant companion they are famous for!

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