A musical meditation to heal a Taurus’ soul...

A musical meditation to heal a Taurus’ soul...

Music is a Taurus’ constant companion. It helps us through any ordeal. It makes us feel happy, healthy, energized, in love, even calm. So of course it makes sense that we should incorporate music into meditation practices.

Try this to restore a healthy state of mind, daily or as needed. It can help deepen and purify your breathing, maintain a healthy blood pressure, ease muscle tension, banish stress aches, boost immunity, and balance out your moods. Amazing!

Choose a 3-5 minute song with no elaborate lyrics or intense changes in tempo. Classical, new age, natures sounds, or sitar music is best (no words at all). Sit in a comfortable position or lay down and close your eyes.

Visualize something that makes you happy, or a desired outcome. Play the song as you focus on this positive imagery. You can even chant a key word like “happiness” “compassion” “love” “success” or “healing” as you listen. Ommmmm!

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