Invoking the affection of your guardian angel

Invoking the affection of your guardian angel

Those stories about angels you were told when you were a kid are true. As a Leo, you have an angel, he’s there, all you need to do is invoke him.

As the ruler of Leo, Verchiel is the angel of affection, nobility, generosity and prosperity. Unlike many angels who merely protect, Verchiel encourages us to take the time for pleasure, to play, to relax and enjoy one another.

But our angel is not just about fun or carefree, he can also help us get over a tough situation, have an optimistic outlook on life and heal our heart from a loss.

To invoke him, sit under the rays of the sun and meditate. While you inhale, envision absorbing Verchiel’s generosity, protection and warmth. When you exhale, envision him helping you cleanse all the negative feelings you want out of your life.

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