The powers flowers carry for good... and evil

The powers flowers carry for good... and evil

Taurus natives are the best gardeners of the Zodiac, so you probably at least like to have flowers or other plants in your home. I was recently told a few random things that are lucky and unlucky regarding flowers, so I dug deeper into this and found out these supposed facts about them.

- Buying someone flowers? Give them a bunch, not a single bloom. And if they are sick, do NOT get them white flowers... even worse if you give white AND red.
- Performing in a play? Don’t use real flowers on the stage – that’s unlucky
- Flowers that bloom out of their usual season is an unlucky omen and these should never be brought inside your home.
- Turns out bringing someone in the hospital some flowers is bad, as they deplete their oxygen! (Really???) Go with a potted plant (living) to be on the safe side.

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