Are you crazy in love, or just plain crazy?

Are you crazy in love, or just plain crazy?

Uh, oh, Virgo. Bad breakup? If you’re feeling vengeful, you might want to chill out before you do the following and forever become “crazy” in your former lover’s mind. If you’re considering the following, stop!

I’m talking about revenge plots. They broke your heart and now you want to break theirs. You fantasize about what you can do to ruin their life. Get a grip, Virgo! Sure, we all like to imagine some revenge scenarios, but Virgos are more likely to carry them out. No!

Truth is, the best revenge is making it clear you are better off without them and that the breakup made your better. Get a makeover, make new friends, do things that make you look and feel great. They lost you... they will suffer plenty in time because of that.

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