Taurus’ bad post-relationship reputation is...

Taurus’ bad post-relationship reputation is...

Few romantic relationship end with both parties happy and no feelings hurt. Unfortunately, usually one or both people act pretty nasty/crazy/weird as the relationship crumbles. Are you a crazy ex, Taurus? If you do most of these when you break up, your ex probably tells their friends you are!

1. You ghost. This means you just go totally MIA, never to be heard from again. But when your ex enquires about you, they find out you’ve totally changed, and they think it’s pretty cuckoo. I mean, one of the reasons you broke up was your reluctance to change, lol!
2. You get rid of all reminders of your ex. Stuff they bought you, stuff you bought them. Mutual friends. Your love of the cuisine you shared on many dates. That park where you first kissed. They are all dead to you!
3. You put a new partner through the ringer. You can’t help but test a new love. If they do anything similar to your ex, you ghost them.
4. You promise to never love again. Even if you’re hating it, you refuse to go back on your anti-love mantra.

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