The special qualities you draw by your date of birth…

The special qualities you draw by your date of birth…

Not all Leos are the same, right? Some of us are seriously attention-grabbing and some like to work behind-the-scenes, for example. Things get really interesting while analyzing how these characteristics fluctuate according to our specific date of birth. Find yours down below:

July 23 - You are profound and passionate.
July 24 - You are smart and devoted.
July 25 - You are effective and outgoing.
July 26 - You are sophisticated and artsy.
July 27 - You are funny and ambitious.
July 28 - You are emotional and intuitive.
July 29 - You are creative and loving.
July 30 - You are strong and impulsive.
July 31 - You are enigmatic and independent.
August 1 - You are inquisitive and charismatic.
August 2 - You are interesting and caring.
August 3 - You are a genius!
August 4 - You are bold and adventurous.
August 5 - You are harmonious but also energetic.
August 6 - You are practical but also courageous.
August 7 - You are sparkly and resilient.
August 8 - You are an elegant butterfly.
August 9 - You are a powerhouse!
August 10 - You are adaptable and imaginative.
August 11 - You are strong and resourceful.
August 12 - You are eclectic and exciting.
August 13 - You are magical and extravagant.
August 14 - You have a brilliant mind!
August 15 - You are strong and resilient.
August 16 - You are sexy and lucky.
August 17 - You are inventive and charming.
August 18 - You are honest and irresistible.
August 19 - You are a clever innovator.
August 20 - You are a fearless achiever!
August 21 - You are a die-hard romantic.
August 22 - You are receptive and daring.

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