Dating an Aries? Tips you won't want to miss...

Dating an Aries? Tips you won't want to miss...

Aries likes to lead, not follow. Male or female, they want to extend the invitation, choose the venue, set the time, and make the reservation. All their date has to do is be ready!

Oh, and their dates should come prepared with interesting, if not intellectual, things to talk about, enthusiasm, lots of questions Aries will be happy to answer.

You need plenty of energy because this date could go on all night! And leave the romantic fantasies of "happily ever after" at home, for now at least. The relationship may not last long, but while it does it'll burn like a house afire!

So, you're an Aries?? If you like being in this leader role, cool. If not, it's good to ask romantic interests to help with the planning. And keep in mind that sometimes no plan is the best plan!

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