5 reasons to love your life as a Scorpio…

5 reasons to love your life as a Scorpio…

I've said it many times and I say again. It is not easy being a Scorpio. Our sign is complex and we live life on many different levels, not just one. As a way to cope with life and my own insecurities, I've been collecting positive phrases and facts about my sign. I keep them handy so I can look at a them when I need a pick-me-up.

1. Scorpio is the most agile sign when it comes to sidestepping obstacles and finding solutions to any problem.
2. Scorpio is the most successful at channeling energy to find different paths as a way of self-invention.
3. Scorpio's inner self is our best tool when we find ourselves fighting outside forces.
4. Anything done by a Scorpio is never done half way because it's done with determination and focus.
5. Tremendously magnetic, a Scorpio can attract anything they want by using their power and brilliance.

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