If someone does all these they are a Virgo...

Posted by Tristan Styles
If someone does all these they are a Virgo...

Can someone tell you’re a Virgo just be observing the way you act? Probably, if they are in tune with Virgo’s tendencies. Classic Virgos behave in the following ways that are dead giveaways they’re Virgins...

1. They respond in a blunt, direct, honest manner, although they may hesitate at first.
2. They are calm under pressure.
3. They are not super easy to approach, as they seem preoccupied or even disinterested in you.
4. They notice everything.
5. They need everything to be a certain way... their way, usually.
6. They push themselves beyond basic expectations.

So, do you really act like a Virgo? I do!

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