Capricorns have a special angel on their side...

Capricorns have a special angel on their side...

Even though we can be cynical, Capricorns actually long for some type of spirituality. And angels can be a great thing to believe in and call on for hope and inspiration. Our angel is Hanael – a very special friend to have!

Hanael helps you to keep moving forward. Capricorns can get overly serious and sentimental, and hung up on the past. So when you feel stuck or that you can’t let go of some type of painful memory, call on your angel.

Your angel also helps you break your Capricorn tendency to depend too much on logic and practical methods. Hanael reminds you to trust your intuition and follow your heart if it feels strongly enough. Sometimes life makes no sense – and Hanael is there for you when things spin out of control. Have more faith, Capricorn!

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