Why Taurus is the best kisser of the Zodiac

Why Taurus is the best kisser of the Zodiac

There’s nothing worse than really hitting it off with someone only to go in for that first kiss and it’s terrible. But that doesn’t happen with a Taurus, because we are the best kissers!

Of course, practice makes perfect. And Bulls do whatever it takes to please our partners when we pucker up. We are experts at figuring out what they want... Slow and soft? Deep and passionate? On the mouth, neck, ears, elsewhere? Tongue or no? We probably already make our kissing partners weak in the knees right away, but if not, we get there pretty quickly.

We are so tuned into our senses that we need not fumble around trying to hit a sweet spot, or asking awkward questions. Kissing is like breathing to us – giving our lovers a breath of sweet, seductive air.

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