Pisces, pick these numbers to activate your luck…

Pisces, pick these numbers to activate your luck…

Pisces is one of the luckiest signs. Like Sagittarius and Aquarius, our generosity has helped us rack up some major karma points. But who doesn’t want to get even luckier? Whenever you can, choose the following numbers to boost your success.

Do, buy and choose as many things in pairs as you can. Like Libra and Gemini, Pisces is a dual sign. Two is the number of productive interaction between people, sensitivity, insight and inner wisdom; all qualities that resonate with our sign.

Six is another number that will attract us good fortune. Associated with balance, generosity, sympathy, community, responsibility and protection, it can help us nurture our relationships. Whenever you are planning a dinner party, work meeting or any other type of gathering, having six of you can guarantee a good and fruitful time.

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