3 habits that will change your life, Sag!

3 habits that will change your life, Sag!

Most people look for astrology to get love advice but it can also help us achieve so much more. If you are Sagittarius-born, by now, you must have noticed that your body and system work differently.

If you tackle the three following goals, you will thank me.

1. You can blame expansive Jupiter for that constant desire to enjoy sweets and food in general. Indulge but be very vigilant with your weight. Unfortunately, once it's on, it's harder to take it off.

2. Keep active. Exercise is crucial for us. Sags, more than any other sign need to put to use those big muscles that were given specifically to us in order to fight depression and disease. It's just the way we were built!

3. If you are always on the go, make some time for relaxation. Our Fire element keeps us moving, true. Learning how and when to turn it off helps us light it up again when we need it the most.

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