Something amiss? It’s the Moon and here’s why...

Something amiss? It’s the Moon and here’s why...

When life gets crazy, it’s nice to have something other than yourself to blame. So, I say – “Blame the Moon!” The Moon passes through each sign for about two and a half days every month (more specifically, every 28-day cycle). Here’s what to expect for each kind...

Aries: This actually helps you make decisions faster... maybe too impulsively.
Taurus: You have doubts about your relationships.
Gemini: Others think you are too self-absorbed, but you feel insecure.
Cancer: Your nostalgic, sentimental side gets the better of you.
Leo: Your people-pleasing turns to attention-getting.
Virgo: Order and cleanliness become a source of annoyance.
Libra: You’re charmed into bad ideas.
Scorpio: You regret most actions right after making them.
Sagittarius: You’ll seek solace in unhealthy places.
Capricorn: You’ll feel guilted into doing things you “should” but don’t want to do.
Aquarius: Helloooooo... time to come back to reality!
Pisces: You rely on the kindness of others. Problem: they aren’t being genuine.

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